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Christening/Baby Blessing

A new child in a family is a cherished event.  A christening or child blessing ceremony is intended to celebrate this precious life with the parents, god-parents and grandparents. A child is fully blessed as it comes into this world and we celebrate your unique child’s life. Together, as we announce a child, we speak their name and declare the child is welcomed into the Family of God.


A christening or Baby Blessing can be done in your home, at an outdoor venue or in a church.



“I would like to share our experience with Reverend Susan Gumm and the Christening of our two children, Samantha and Cooper Kent.  Susan had such a pleasant and calming effect on both children.  Both kids still ask about her and if they can see her soon.  We all got to participate in the process by reading to our child our hopes & wishes for them but also the responsibilities we would gladly take on to ensure their success.    The Christening was both inclusive and interactive for the child.  The icing on the cake was that Reverend Gumm shared with us her holy water she had brought home from a trip to Italy.  It was a kind and memorable gesture.  We would highly recommend using Reverend Gumm for your Christening.  She is friendly and has the most pure & gentle heart.”


- Peter and Dorothy Kent 

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